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दिनांक 01/11/2013 अर्हता की तिथि के आधार पर सारण शिक्षक निर्वाचन क्षेञ की निर्वाचक सूची की तैयारी निर्वाचक रजिस्ट्रीकरण नियम 1960 के नियम 31(3) के अधीन सूचना

Commissioners office, Saran Division Collectorate Campus,Chapra
History of Saran Division:- Notice Board:-

In ancient days , Modern  Saran Division, formed a part of KOSALA country. The history of Saran Division is bound to be history of  Kosala which included portions other than present limit of Saran Division. The kingdom of Kosala  was bounded on the west  by Panchala, by the river  Sarpika(sai)  in the south, on the east  by Gandak and  on the north by Nepal . The Kosala  consisted  of modern Faizabad, Gonda, Basti, Gorakhpur, Deoria in UP and Saran in Bihar.The historical background of the district- as available in the 'Ain-E-Akbari records Saran as one of the six Sarkars( Revenue Divisions) constituting the province of Bihar.At the time of grant of Diwani to the East India company in 1765, there were eight Sarkars including Saran and Champaran.For More Info Click Here


* सारण शिक्षक निर्वाचन 2014- Nomination Details Of Candidates


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