Gopalganj District

    Gopalganj, which till 1875 was only a tiny hamlet, was made a subdivision of the old Saran district in the same year. It became an independent district on October 2, 1973.The district headquarters are located in the town of Gopalganj. The Gopalganj District is located on the West –North corner of the Bihar State. Geographically it is located between 83.54° – 85.56° latitude and 26.12° – 26.39°North longitude. It is bounded on East by Champaran and river Gandak, on the South by Siwan District and on the North West Deoria District of Uttar Pradesh.The river Gandak supported by tributaries like Jharahi, Khanwa, Daha, Dhanahi etc give a big status of river. Due to this land of District is fertile and alluvial. Because of this river the District is good in cultivation and irrigation. The river imparts prosperity to the people and play an important role in making the District significant and unique. River Gandak by depositing the top quality of soil bringing from the Nepal, play an important role in the economy of the District.

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